Herbs for Tinnitus that Could Work

You can experience two types of tinnitus. The first one is called subjective tinnitus where you hear sounds that other people do not hear. There is nothing wrong with your ear structure, and the problem is psychological in nature.

About 95% of all tinnitus cases fall under this category. The other one is called objective tinnitus or pulsatile tinnitus. It is characterized by a pulsating sound. Your doctor can check your ears to see if there are muscular contractions around your ears or there are blood vessel issues. The sounds that you hear might still be imaginary, but there is a physical problem that worsens it.

The good thing is that there are natural remedies available to help you solve the problem. You can check out the best herbs for tinnitus and see if they will work. Although there are pills available, they are not necessarily the best for you especially if you are also suffering from other health problems. Besides, some of these pills will only worsen tinnitus. Antidepressants and antibiotics are among them. These are some of the herbs found in natural remedies that are worth trying.

Gingko biloba

Some studies were conducted that showed the effectiveness of the herb. Some of the people involved in the research have been suffering from tinnitus for quite a while, and only experienced relief after taking the herb.

Apart from tinnitus, this herb also boosts your brain. Hence, if taken by the elderly, it could prevent the onset of dementia and delay Alzheimer’s.


This herb helps in dilating and strengthening of the blood vessels. You experience tinnitus because of some blood vessel problems around your ears.

When you rake rosemary, it helps in lowering blood pressure and ensure smooth blood circulation. It is also an invigorating herb to help you feel relief from stress and fatigue.

Avena sativa

This is a wild oat plant which is known as a nerve tonic. It is effective in reducing high cholesterol in the blood.

It could also reduce circulatory problems brought about by tinnitus. When you crave for cigarettes which are also known to worsen tinnitus, you can use this plant to reduce your cravings.

Verbena officinalis

This plant is commonly known as the Wild Hyssop. It is common in the Mediterranean region.

The herb is effective in relieving people from stress and tension. It is also effective in reducing pain and inflammation.

Instead of taking anti-inflammatory drugs which could aggravate tinnitus, you can opt for this herb.

There is nothing wrong in trying these herbs since they do not have side effects anyway. You might want to tell your physician about your plan in case you have allergies. Again, given the fact that these are natural remedies, you do not need to worry that something will go wrong.

You cannot expect the problem to go away in an instant. The ringing will most likely persist for a while. You need to be patient in using these remedies until you do not hear the sounds anymore.