Remedies for Tinnitus That Might Work

Treating tinnitus is quite tricky. Although there are different options available, they will only be effective if the doctor has already figured out what caused the problem in the first place. It is possible for you to suffer from tinnitus because of a psychological problem. You feel too stressed out and the sounds that you start to hear are a result of this issue.

It could also be due to some blood vessel problems around your ears. When blood flows in that area, you will clearly hear the sounds. It could be annoying at first, but you will eventually lose concentration and have a hard time putting yourself to sleep.

There are many ways to accurately diagnose tinnitus. You can undergo a hearing test where you are going to sit in a soundproof room while wearing headphones. You can give a signal to indicate that you heard the sound and it will be compared with what people your age usually hear.

Another way to diagnose is by asking you to move. Your doctor will tell you to move your eyes, clench your jaw, swing your arms and legs, and many others. If these movements worsen the loud noise in your ears, it could be tinnitus.

Once it has been confirmed that you have tinnitus, you need to consider the best remedies for tinnitus.

Earwax removal

Removing the earwax could help decrease the symptoms of tinnitus. Once it starts piling up, it could affect how you hear the sounds around you.

You can do it yourself (as you should normally do). You may also ask for professionals if things get worse.


It is not always the first choice, but it could be an option if it was revealed that a blood vessel condition caused the problem.

You will start by taking medications to address the problem, and eventually undergo surgery.

Using white noise machines

The use of these devices can help prevent you from being in a room where you do not hear anything at all. White noise may be the sounds of falling rain or the waves of the ocean.

If you cannot play these sounds, you can use fans, air conditioners and humidifiers. They could be useful in creating noise without necessarily disturbing you.

Hearing aids

Hearing problems could be another reason why you are experiencing tinnitus. Your auditory system does not process the signals picked up by your ears.

Therefore, it sends the wrong message to your brain. It tells you that you only hear buzz and hiss even when the actual sounds are different.

Apart from correcting what you hear, these hearing aids could also produce sounds on the background. Your attention is diverted so that you stop hearing the annoying sounds as a result of tinnitus.


Drugs do not necessarily cure tinnitus. However, in some instances, they could reduce the severity of the problem.

Seek your doctor’s help when you decide to take medicines. Avoid self-medication since there are drugs that could worsen the problem.

You also need to check if you have other illnesses that could be worsened when you take the anti-tinnitus drugs.

Just try these solutions and determine which of them would work to help make you feel better.