Tinnitus Medicine and Alternative Strategies to Try

Once you start experiencing tinnitus, you just want the problem to go away. The loud ringing in your ears might be tolerable at first, but you will eventually feel that it becomes irritating. You cannot sleep well and you cannot concentrate on your job.

The problem is that when tinnitus is caused by a psychological issue, it will be difficult for your physician to find a way to deal with it. However, there are other types of tinnitus that occur because of your physical problems.

Either way, you need to consult your doctor and ask for a possible tinnitus medicine for you to try. As long as you receive correct prescription, the medications are worth trying.


Since tinnitus could be due to psychological issues like stress, some doctors might recommend you to take antidepressants. Valium and alprazolam are among the most common prescriptions.

Small doses of the medicines are enough for you to gradually feel your problem go away. Eventually, the loud ringing starts to become faint until you no longer hear it.

Hearing aids

If medicines do not work, perhaps, you need hearing aids. Some people suffer from tinnitus because their ears are not functioning well anymore.

It is important for you to use hearing aids to avoid hearing loss and correct these auditory issues. You might also want to use hearing aids that produce white noise.

When you are alone and you hear no sounds, tinnitus could worsen. Therefore, you need white noise so that you keep hearing it on the background and not the annoying buzz.

Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT)

This therapy is composed of two parts. The first part is where you will play a neutral sound anywhere you go until you train your ears to listen only to those sounds and try to not notice the loud sounds.

The second part is where you receive a one-on-one counseling from an expert. Again, there is an underlying psychological problem behind tinnitus and you need someone to help you with that.

It takes up to 24 months for this treatment to be over. With the help of these experienced medical experts, you could find relief soon.


It is a relaxation technique that helps people to manage their stress levels. It is useful in reducing tinnitus by going deeper in to the primary reason why you are troubled.

It could work depending on your level of cooperation. It might also take time because on your first session, you will most likely not feel relaxed.

Dental treatment

It is also possible for you to experience tinnitus because of dental issues. TMJ is one of these reasons.

When you have TMJ, there is a problem on the jaw bone attached to the head and it is located right in front of the ear. Correcting this problem may solve tinnitus as the nerves are close to your ear.

You can try these strategies and see if they would work. Studies are still going on to determine why people have tinnitus and the possible solutions to put an end to it.